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Today’s child, Tomorrow’s forgotten ‘Celebrity’?

9 Jan

Celebrity:            A famous person, especially in entertainment or sport.

                                The state of being well known. 

In contemporary society, the celebrity has fast become a valued icon being held in very high esteem. From sportspeople to singers, actors to reality television stars and glamour models to those who sell-their-stories we would all be guilty of making them all household names and making them a part of celebrity culture. Continue reading

Swear words…The Vicious cycle of ignorance.

22 Nov

Where do swear words come from? 

Your mouth? 


Street Talk? 

Other languages? 

Or even mere evolution? Continue reading

There’s an app for that!

18 Oct

Do we now live in a society where it is deemed acceptable to stalk? With reality programmes hitting an all time high on our television screens and the use of social media and phone apps to track, when do we cross the line between thoughtless entertainment and fun to ominous tracking and surveillance? Continue reading

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