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The trial of bias – is freedom of speech damaging society?

20 Aug

Since the events of 9/11 we have seen the world of newspaper journalism alter dramatically. Not only have the readership figures seen a reduction but the writing has more often than not become biased, steering more toward the incitement of war and conflict rather than the encouragement of peace. Continue reading

Topical Jokes, a ‘Blur’ between Social Media and Reality?

12 Feb

untitledOn the eve of the death of Whitney Houston when millions, if not thousands have already tweeted and facebook-ed about her death, I ask if it’s too early to be making jokes? Continue reading

There’s an app for that!

18 Oct

Do we now live in a society where it is deemed acceptable to stalk? With reality programmes hitting an all time high on our television screens and the use of social media and phone apps to track, when do we cross the line between thoughtless entertainment and fun to ominous tracking and surveillance? Continue reading

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