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Ladies and Gentlemen…

15 Dec

On Sunday 13th of November I vowed to begin a social experiment which would help me to understand the place of a ‘lady’ in our society today, whether real ‘ladies’ could exist in a world of equal rights and ladette type culture and also to see if behaving in a ‘lady-like’ manner attracted polite etiquette and manners from others. As I did this, I kept a daily diary which can be found at: http://thenotsobblackandwhite.com/diary-of-a-lady-in-training/ in order for both myself and others to track my progress, encounters and any lessons learnt.

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Excerpt from ‘The Diary of a Lady in Training’

14 Nov

Excerpt from ‘The Diary of a Lady in Training’

Monday, November 14th – Training Day

It’s only training day, is what I kept telling myself after my first mishap of the day; waking up and phoning my other half whilst still half asleep and walking to the toilet to have a wee whilst continuing to chat. It was only after I flushed the toilet and washed my hands that I thought ‘Oops! Real ladies don’t have conversations on the phone whilst have a tiddle!’….

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Do Ladies still exist?

13 Nov

Is there a difference between being female and being a lady?

In the Oxford English Dictionary each of the above words is used to define the other, so theoretically it would appear not. So why is it, that on various occasions I have been referred to as being extremely unladylike when I am, what is termed; a female? Continue reading

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