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The trial of bias – is freedom of speech damaging society?

20 Aug

Since the events of 9/11 we have seen the world of newspaper journalism alter dramatically. Not only have the readership figures seen a reduction but the writing has more often than not become biased, steering more toward the incitement of war and conflict rather than the encouragement of peace. Continue reading

‘Honour’ killings – time to step out of ignorance’s shadow

7 Aug

According to the Crown prosecution Service it is believed that over 10,000 forced marriages take place every year. Whether they are about retaining honour, culture, or adhering to what are believed to be the ‘rules’ governing their religious practices is highly debateable, however, this is not for myself or others to insist or assume. Continue reading

The ‘Islamic Madrassa’ Debate.

18 Oct

When I was a young girl, being half-Libyan I was sent to an Arabic school where I learnt how to speak, read and write Arabic as well as recite the Qur’an. Continue reading

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