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Topical Jokes, a ‘Blur’ between Social Media and Reality?

12 Feb

untitledOn the eve of the death of Whitney Houston when millions, if not thousands have already tweeted and facebook-ed about her death, I ask if it’s too early to be making jokes? Continue reading

The disturbing evolution of Christmas.

14 Dec

untitled.png eThe most unexciting part of Christmas as an adult probably has to be opening your wallet or purse after completing your Christmas shopping and wrapping and discovering that it is empty. Continue reading

PlayStation 3 vs. Xbox 360… are they both winning? Losing? Or neither?

16 Oct

Which console is on top this generation…

Approximately 15 years ago, at a time when the number of dimensions utilised by developers had just shot up to three, gaming enthusiasts would spend minutes, hours or sometimes even days arguing over which computer was the best – the ZX Spectrum or the block ugly Commodore 64. Continue reading

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