Gig Review: Chvrches @ Rescue Rooms, Nottingham

1 May
Chrvches at Nottingham's Rescue Rooms

Chrvches at Nottingham’s Rescue Rooms

The mysterious Glaswegian synth-pop trio, Chvrches, finally stepped into the spotlight at Nottingham’s Rescue Rooms last night, on the closing night of their UK tour.

An assorted blend of fans from young to old, rocker to bopper, demonstrated Chvrches versatility but their dance moves were almost as static as the trio’s, which were nothing short of dissimilar from their animated support act Young Fathers.

Young Fathers who supported Chvrches

Young Fathers who supported Chvrches

Mayberry, Cook and Doherty kicked off the set with debut single “Lies” showing-off the angelic vocals of lead vocalist Mayberry.

Her cute stature resembled an essence of innocence but she confirmed how rock n’ roll-esque she really was as she sipped from a mug and whispered: “This isn’t really a cuppa tea, it’s a mix of seven spirits and super hard-core.”

Her distinct Scottish accent complimented stunning vocals coated over their trademark synthesiser chords.

Recover, the lead single from their current EP had the crowd singing along with its catchy chorus and hypnotic bass beats.

The trio were flawless.

Doherty played keys and synth pad until an unprecedented swap with Mayberry where he took to the front to showcase his gravelly voice and sing his song “Tides” while she had the odd play with Doherty’s synth pad.

Martin Doherty swaps synth pads for Mic

Martin Doherty swaps synth pads and keys for vocals

Her numerous slip-ups there proved she was more convincing as a vocalist though.

The trio’s encore was a heavily guitar driven cover of Prince and The Revolution’s “I would die 4 u”, revealing the band’s heavy appreciation for early Prince.  If the rest wasn’t enough then this definitely left their fans astounded, satisfied and deeply in awe.

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